I’m confused. Can you tell me in simple terms what this business is all about?


Yes. We’re the Summit Group, an organization of work-from-home professionals that began in 1990. We work with a respected 140-year-old company called Watkins. Our team has people across the U.S. and Canada who earn income from home on a truly flexible schedule.

In a nutshell, this is simply a business of getting Watkins products at a discount for yourself, and letting other people know they can do the same. That expands your team, and the number of people using Watkins products, which can result in Watkins giving you a sizable bonus check each month. Here’s how it works…

Our team members get to purchase high-quality, reasonably-priced Watkins products at the associates’ discount. It saves their families bundles over popular store brands. All families already buy the kinds of products Watkins offers. So, getting Watkins products is never an added expense. You simply shift a few of your everyday purchases from the local store to Watkins.

Then, you choose from a variety of online or traditional methods to spread the word about this business in a very low-key, helpful manner. As others join and do what you’re doing (buying at a discount and spreading the word), it increases the number of families using Watkins products.

Even though your team members buy directly from Watkins, the company realizes that none of those people would know about Watkins if you hadn’t help spread the word. So, Watkins rewards you with income based on your team’s overall results. 

How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?

Everyone’s qualified to do this business—if you eat food, take care of your body, wash clothes, and clean your house, you qualify. Again, this is simply about building a team of people who use a few Watkins products each month and help spread the word to others. It’s not rocket science… 

Do I need previous experience?

No. You don’t need any previous experience. There really isn’t much to learn. You simply get the discount on products that make sense for you, tell others how they can do the same, and enjoy cashing income checks you earn. Certainly, you’ll have questions along the way. And you’ll want some encouragement and coaching to know that you’re on track to your dreams. So, your Summit Group leaders provide a free training website, free training calls, and free individual coaching, along with optional business tools to help you grow. People from all walks of life have succeeded on our team, and you can, too! 

Will this business help me reach my dreams?

Yes! You can create a better life for yourself and your family by joining the Summit Group and starting your own Watkins business. This business can allow you to have a perfect income that won’t interfere with your family, your current job, your social life, or any other priorities. To reach huge dreams, you need two things, and this business can give you both—unlimited income and complete time flexibility. Almost anything you want to achieve is possible. People from all walks of life, all ages, and all types of background experiences have benefited from this business. 

What are the benefits of this business besides money?

Associates who get a monthly income check from Watkins say the cold hard cash is their favorite benefit of this business. But, there are other benefits. You can earn free luxury vacations, other prizes, and even more cash through Watkins’ incentive programs. You can be recognized and applauded for your achievements. And, you can make life-long friendships with other positive, respectable people from across the U.S. and Canada. 

Will this business qualify me for income tax breaks?

Yes. As the owner of your own small business, you will be eligible for significant tax benefits, that are reserved only for business owners. The Summit Group can point you to resources that will show you how to best take advantage of the tax code. 

How much have real people actually earned? What’s realistic for me to expect?

All new associates start from exactly the same place, with no other associates on their team. They then progress to higher levels based on their achievements. Historically, however, the “typical” person in Watkins has been someone who just enjoys the 25% discount on their own purchases, or who never gets around to building their business. And because so many of these enrolled associates are not actively building their businesses, Watkins’ company-wide statistics indicate the “typical” participant is a consultant who earns less than $50 per month in bonuses and residual income. The “non-typical” and motivated people who join the Summit Group can learn the true potential of this business and with our help can earn great above-average incomes.

For example, look at these actual annual incomes as published by Watkins in the January 2001 Associate Reference Guide:

Average Annual Incomes
(in U.S. dollars)
mid-level associates
(most work part-time)
$16,562 to $35,434
high-level associates
(some work part-time)
$69,992 to $236,124
average, with some earning much more.


Imagine your own situation, and picture how this level of income could change your life. Remember that this isn’t “wake up early, fight traffic, slave all day, do what the boss says, go home exhausted” income. It’s “set your own hours, part-time, no commute, have time for family, be in total control, have fun while you do it” income.

Certainly, not everyone who starts a Watkins business will reach the highest levels of success (but, of course, that’s true in all areas of life). What’s great about Watkins is that those who put forth effort can be rewarded very well. 

Will this business disrupt my life?


Still have time for the family, shopping, entertainment, etc.

This business can truly fit around all the other things people have going on. Our associates aren’t tied to a certain schedule or set hours. Obviously, they have to invest SOME time doing something or they won’t have success. But, you can hop up from your desk at a moment’s notice if your family needs you, and come back to your business later. It really is that flexible. 

Can I start part-time? I can’t afford to leave my current job now.

Absolutely. One of the greatest features of this business is that you can start part-time while you continue to work. As your business grows, you decide whether to make it your full-time business or not. Many people like what they do and would simply like to make a little extra money. 

I don’t have much time. Do I have to work a certain number of hours?

No. This will be YOUR business and is completely flexible. Do as much or as little as makes sense for you at any point. Set aside blocks of time or work in small chunks when you have a few minutes. In general, however, team members who do little or nothing earn little or nothing. Those who take it seriously and put forth effort can achieve big earnings. 

Are there required purchases?

No. There are absolutely NO mandatory purchases. However, you’ll want to place orders for Watkins products each month because: 1) it can save you money over store brands; and 2) Watkins does not send bonus checks to associates who aren’t at least using a few products in their own home each month. But, no, you are never forced to purchase products—you won’t be kicked out or shunned if you don’t purchase products in any particular month. 

Are there required meetings?

No. You won’t be leaving your family to run across town to any kind of required weekly meetings. This business can be built entirely by phone and Internet, without ever leaving your home. Work in your pajamas if you want!

We do offer an optional weekly conference call, just for members of our Summit Group team. It’s where you can get training, encouragement, and friendship. If you’re not available at that time, you can listen to the online audio recording of the call later. But, you’re never required to listen to these calls if you don’t want to. 

Do I have to sell products to customers?

No. Your role is simply to: 1) buy the Watkins products that make sense for your family, and 2) spread the word about this business.

If friends ask you to get products for them, you can certainly do so. And, if you enjoy it, you can choose to retail the products. But, our most-successful associates focus on personal use and team building, not on retailing. 

How do I “spread the word” to others? I don’t want to be pushy.

When you join, your Summit Group leaders set up an informational website for you, for free! You simply direct people to that site, where they can learn all about the business. Tell people you already know or reach new people through online promotions or low-cost advertising. People may ask you questions via e-mail or phone as you follow up with those who dropped by your site. Besides the website, we also have literature you can give to people. But you never need to be pushy—you just share the facts and let people decide if this business makes sense for them. 

I don’t get this whole 9-4-1 thing. What’s it mean?

To build your team, you’ll tell other people about this business. Those who join your team will, in turn, tell others, who tell others, and so on. It’s like the way word-of-mouth spreads the news about a good movie or a great new restaurant.

The 9-4-1 scenario is just an example.. It helps you see how much you could earn from one possible way your team could grow. It assumes you tell nine who join. Then, each of those nine introduce four others to the business. And, each of those four introduce just one more person as they get rolling.

That kind of example is easy to explain, because it assumes each branch of the team grows the same. But your actual team wouldn’t branch out evenly like that—just like a person’s family tree has some branches with more kids or more grandkids. But, even though your team would branch out differently from the 9-4-1 example, you could still earn a similar amount of income for a similar-sized group.

So, you don’t need to remember the details of the 9-4-1 example—simply remember that this business can reward you very well just for using Watkins products and helping us tell others. 

If this isn’t sales, then how do I make money?

This is the most exciting part! You can earn income with Watkins without retailing products. Simply buy Watkins products for yourself at the associate’s discount, and tell other people how they can do the same. As your team grows, you can earn bonus commissions on purchases made by members of your team. 

But what if I like selling?

Retailing products has been an important and interesting part of Watkins history. It is still available as an option for associates who enjoy it. If you want to, you can retail products through sharing catalogs, parties, or booth sales at fairs and shows.

However, please realize that retailing is an entirely different aspect of this business than the strategy of personal use and team building that we’re presenting here. As you get started, you’ll be able to read articles on our training website and talk to your leaders about business methods that make the most sense for you. 

There’s another Watkins person in my area. Won’t that hinder me?

You’re not competing for sales. Everyone in your town could be a member of your team. If you help them join before someone else does, you can earn profits on all the purchases that they and their team members make. You’re not local… you’re international. 

There’s another Watkins person in my area. Should I join under them?

In most cases, you should join under the person who first introduced you to the business. But it is also important to understand that the Summit Group benefits—free training, online support, and other proprietary tools, are only available to Summit Group team members. Only Watkins associates who join under a Summit Group team member are a part of the Summit Group. And ONLY Watkins associates in the Summit Group have access to these proprietary tools. In other words, for the best success advantage, make sure you are joining Watkins through a Summit Group member. 

I heard that Watkins products were in some stores. Is that true?

Yes, for about four years now Watkins has a small number of products (usually only about 10 of the full 400) in chains like Wal-Mart, Target, pharmacies, regional grocers, and some smaller stores. Watkins products are real products that people buy at the full retail price. Having a few products in some chain stores has made it even easier to build an organization of associates because people see that these are legitimate, high quality products. 


Corporate Life

Will I feel “less than professional” in a work-from-home business.

That depends. If you like being at meetings at certain times, wearing certain clothes, following rigid rules, driving an hour each day to and from work, and consider that “professional”, then having your own home business won’t measure up.





Working from home



With your own business, you’ll be commuting to the living room, wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans each day, taking breaks whenever you want, playing with the kids, walking the dog—doing whatever you choose, all the while making as much or even more money than that so-called “professional” career .


Sure, this business is simple and straightforward, and a person doesn’t need a college degree or professional certification to succeed with us. But, that’s precisely why we have many professional-type people who are drawn to this business. Engineers, computer programmers, business consultants, corporate trainers—when these professionals “look under the hood” of this business and analyze what makes it tick, they realize it’s a powerful engine that can purr like a kitten. It’s a finely tuned machine that anyone can do, but that’s especially attractive to intelligent people who want maximum income with minimal effort. 

What does it take to get started?

To be successful in any business requires an investment of time or money, or a combination of both. What’s great about starting a Watkins business, however, is: 1) you can start for a very low cost; and 2) you can adjust how much time you invest based on your own schedule.

There are several options for getting started, all of which come with Watkins’ unconditional money-back guarantee. The option that’s right for you will depend on the strategy you plan to use to build your business, your available time, and your finances. The person who gave you this information can give you the current list of options for getting started. 

I’ve heard you should never pay money to get a job. Will this cost me?

You shouldn’t pay money for a job. But this isn’t a job. This is YOUR business, and starting ANY business requires some sort of investment. This business requires an investment of time or money or a combination of both. Big franchises cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This doesn’t. It’s very low cost. 

So, how much money will I need to invest upfront? What about ongoing costs?

When you join Watkins, you are not making any kind of long term commitment—if it doesn’t work out for any reason, you can choose to quit at any time, without any ongoing financial obligations.

Most people, however, choose to set aside some of their time and/or financial resources to help their business grow. The exact amount depends totally on their goals and how much time or money they have available. Your optional, ongoing expenses will be minimal:

  • You’ll periodically need more business supplies, depending on your strategies and level of activity. You’ll find, however, that all the business tools offered by Watkins and the Summit Group (such as brochures, catalogs, etc.) are offered at low prices. So, unless you’re planning on running expensive advertising campaigns or doing large mailings, your ongoing business costs can be very low.
  • You may have other expenses specific to the business strategies you choose. But, in general, you’ll find that your investment in your Watkins business is small compared to the benefits.

 Is this business one of those pyramid things?

Pyramids are illegal because they don’t have a legitimate product. Watkins has been a solid business opportunity since 1868. They helped start the Direct Selling Association in 1910, and continues today as a leader in the network marketing industry. The Summit Group has been the leading associate support team since 1990.

So, yes, Watkins is a leader in the network marketing industry, made up of thousands of other companies. But no, it is not an illegal pyramid scheme. You don’t stay in business for 140 years doing something illegal. 


I’m afraid of getting ripped off. Is this safe?In any industry, there are a few bad apples, and that’s unfortunately true of the work-from-home industry. But there are a much larger number of good opportunities, with the Summit Group and Watkins at the very top. Not only has Watkins been in business since 1868, but they were the first company in the world to ever offer a money-back guarantee on their products. And this guarantee extends to the starter kits as well. There is absolutely no risk. 

I was in a similar business before and failed. Will I still be able to succeed in this?

There are no guarantees, but with the Summit Group’s simple system combined with Watkins 140 years of integrity, you’ll never have a better chance for success. 

This sounds good, but I’m still not sure. How can I get more details?

For only $39.95 you can get started with the lowest cost starter kit. Even if you choose not to pursue the business right now, you can start saving money buying Watkins products wholesale. There’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain!




The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated. All information is believed to be accurate and reliable, but is not to be considered infallible.