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Randy & Jan Robinson  – Phone (972) 235-6950 – Richardson, TX

We are successful Watkins Associates at the Executive level who love working together on our Watkins business and helping others achieve their goals with Watkins. We are one step from being at the highest level possible in Watkins. Our Watkins business has been a blessing to us and our focus now is to help others experience the rewards a successful Watkins business can give.

Our history – Randy was looking for a way out from under his 14-18 hour per day computer business and had looked at many alternatives. In October 1991, he found out about Watkins on-line on CompuServe and ordered the starter kit right away to get a thorough look at Watkins. After experiencing the  impressive products and the enthusiastic responses from people he mentioned Watkins to, he decided to get serious about building a Watkins business. Jan resisted the business for a couple of weeks until one day she “accidentally” (with a little help from Randy and their daughter, Amber) tasted the vanilla and she became as dedicated (eventually) to their Watkins business as Randy. The business grew steadily and our Watkins residual income allowed us to survive through some very rough times even during the times when we were forced to neglect our Watkins business. We now live in Richardson, Texas having fun building our business together and working with a great bunch of people in our Watkins group. 

We are long-time members of The Summit Group, Watkins’ leading and largest group of associates, and we worked on the creation of the Summit Group’s Complete Turn-Key System you see in place today.

We hope to soon be helping you build your own home business career.

The system will work for you. Let us show you how. Get more information or get started by Clicking Here!  
– Randy & Jan Robinson 
Watkins Independent Silver Executives 

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