Our free trip to Rome and Florence was fantastic! We wish that many of you could have been there with us and we hope that you will be on future Watkins trips. 

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We hope you enjoy them – next trip, experience it with us! 

Day 1:
 Arrival in Rome – Reception given by Watkins, Inc.; Fireworks from the roof of the 5-Star Hilton Hotel, just for us. 
Day 2:
 Business meeting in the morning where they filled us in on lots of cool stuff coming up real soon! We didn’t take pictures here. Then we were off to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Michaelangelo’s Moses statue, Musselini’s balcony where he addressed the Italian people in WWII (as we zoomed past it in the bus), the famous Trevi Fountain, and back to the hotel lobby where we all hung around talking and having great fun til the wee hours of the morning. 
Day 4:
 The Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica! No picture could do what we saw justice. But we tried and here’s the results. That night we had a demonstration from the famous Hilton Cavalieri chef of how to cook different Italian foods with Watkins products. Late night, back to the lobby for our usual fun and talk! 
Day 4:
 Art and Randy go back to the Vatican to see things we missed on Tuesday – mostly the Egyptian collection (the 3rd most important collection in the world), Jan, Steve, Ginny, Cindy, Cindy, Dawn, Peter, and Ann Marie all head a different direction – to see a castle, the Pantheon, and the Catacombs. Leon stayed at the hotel and we don’t know what the others did. That night, we met in the lobby for our fun and talk and planning and joking, etc, etc. 
Day 5:
 We head out on a train to Florence! This is our only bad weather day. It was rainy and cold but we had a great time nonetheless. Pictures are scarce for this day. That night, back to the lobby!
Day 6:
 Friday the 13th! We didn’t notice until that evening. This was the last day in Italy for most of the group. Most of them went on a tour to the town of Tivoli where there’s a very famous garden and fountains. Jan and I stayed in Rome, slept late, went shopping. Tonight, we had our banquet at Palazzo Brancaccio – a very elegent palace where we had a 9 course Italian meal – an amazing amount of food! We don’t have any pictures for this day! Ginny took a picture of everyone at the Palace so you can see our pictures in their newsletter. We didn’t take our cameras anywhere today. 
Day 7 – 9:
 We (Randy and Jan) extend the trip and stay in Florence for another 3 wonderful days! We fell in love with Florence and didn’t want to leave!