Getting Things DoneIn this busy world, getting things done seems to get harder and harder. I’ve found some great resources to help me get organized and productive and thought I’d pass one of the best of them on to you.

I listen to many podcasts, read many books, and visit websites galore that talk about ways to be more productive.

Here’s the best group of real-world tips I’ve found in one place. I originally didn’t expect much from this podcast – I guess because of the name, I’m not sure – but as I listen to them, I find gem after gem.


It’s Stever Robbins, the Get-It-Done Guy, Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More Podcast.

Each podcast is about 5 minutes long and includes enough wit along with great tips that they are very easy and fun to listen to. It’s done by Stever Robbins. He even has full transcripts for those who might rather read the tips than listen to them.

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites:

  • How to organize receipts for tax time for small businesses (Reining in Receipts)
  • Delegating things you don’t want to do (Delegate the Things You Can’t or Won’t Do)
  • Handling those E-mails that keep getting put off (Better Never Than Late)
  • Improving relationships (Don’t Live a Thankless Life)
  • And, of course, many more great tips on many subjects.

I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast and take a listen. Not every single podcast will be a gem for every person, so try a few that sound like they apply to you. I think you’ll be glad you did.

You can subscribe to this podcast at iTunes. Do a search on “get-it-done guy

You can also visit his website is at:

BTW, I have no affiliation whatsoever with him or his podcast – I am just a subscriber who has found his stuff extremely useful on a real world basis.