Florence, Italy Duomo

The Duomo took 140 years to build the structure and 400 years to decorate the facade

Do you want to know what the primary number one reason people “fail” in MLM and Network Marketing?

Well, I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s so simple. It’s so obvious. And yet I see so many people fall into this trap.
I see some people on the Internet bad mouthing MLM saying that it doesn’t work and everyone fails except the select few. Usually it seems that they think it’s the people who get in first who succeed and “make money off all the ‘suckers’ who follow them who are doomed to failure.”

This is simply not true. And I have proof. Me and my wife. We joined our MLM company a bit late. 123 years late to be exact. Yes, the company had been in business for 123 years before we joined. Some may say that it wasn’t MLM all those years – Amway was the first MLM company and it was only founded 49 years ago. Technically, perhaps. But Watkins had been using most of the Network Marketing concepts for 91 years before Amway was founded. Technically, Watkins turned “true MLM” in 1979. If you go by the technical date, we still joined Watkins 12 years after it went “true” MLM.


So how come we succeeded when we joined 19-130 years late and many others who joined around the same time either quit or didn’t grow? Were we some of those “super stars” who are just good at talking to, motivating, leading, selling people? If you knew us, you’d certainly know that’s not true. I was a computer geek who didn’t like talking to people, and Jan, my wife, was a shy person who wasn’t much if any better at any of those things.

Did we have great selling skills? Absolutely NOT!

Did we have that great ability to motivate people? With absolute certainty, I can say no we did not.

In my mind, we are the proof positive that the concept of MLM works and will work for ANYONE.

There are people who are naturals for this business. They join and have a thriving business in no time. Some of them do. Some of them don’t.

Us? We plodded along and our business just got bigger and bigger. Life took us out of the business many times for different periods of time. There was even a period of about 2 years where we didn’t do much of anything with our business because of life problems. But we cashed our check each month even during that two year period.  And now we have no jobs, new cars, time to spend with family, etc. – all the MLM promises.

But I digress.

The sand will keep falling.

The sand will keep falling.

The reason most people fail in MLM is that they don’t think past today or tomorrow: Weeks from now maybe. But months or years? It’s just not something most people can plan for and act on.

Take 401ks:  You probably know people where you work who join the 401k, put money in for a few months, then they need to buy a TV or go on a trip, so they stop contributing. The payoff is too far in the future and too nebulous for most people – especially younger people.

Take losing weight: I’ve seen people start a diet who starve themselves for a day or two, don’t see a result and they’re miserable so they quit. And others just never start.

Take the stock market: I know people who buy a stock, a week later it’s down so they sell it. “That didn’t work!” “I’m no good at buying stocks.” “When I buy a stock it always goes down.” “The stock market is not for me.” These are all comments I’ve heard.


I can tell you exactly how to succeed at those three things and MLM too. (and I’ve done all four)

To Lose weight: Eat less and/or better food and exercise 3 times a week and you’ll lose weight. Do it forever. It’s not rocket science!

401k: Put money in your 401k every paycheck starting now, forget about the money and you’ll be happy you did one day.

Stocks: Do your homework. Research. Pick the best companies you can find for long-term growth. Buy Stock. Buy more each month. Don’t worry about price unless the industry or company changes or you’re ready to cash out at retirement.

MLM: Do your homework. Research. Pick the best company you can find for growth. Join and invest your time each month. Don’t worry about your results or paycheck each month. Just do the right things and keep doing them. You’ll end up with that residual income you may only dream about today.

[amazonify]0307336131:right[/amazonify]Now obviously this is quite simplified. In MLM, you better be talking with your sponsor all the time, reading/listening to personal growth material every day, and doing the actions. In the stocks, you better find out what makes a good company (see today’s recommended book, Rule #1 by Phil Town). In losing weight, you better find out which are the good foods, how much is too much, and what exercises to do.

But what I’m trying to say is that most people just give up too quick. They don’t see a result the first day or two and they give up. They do this in MLM and in life – dieting, investing, learning new things like languages or programming, writing music or books, finding better jobs, improving their house, etc., etc.

It’s NOT a failure of the stock market (even in bad times like now) or the technology of dieting, or MLM. It’s that they didn’t commit to learn what to do and do it over and over until they get their result.

I believe that’s the key to succeeding at everything in life!

    1. Commit.
    2. Learn what to do.
    3. Do it until you get your result.