Success is a funny thing.

It seems to elude most people and to some people it seems to come fairly easy.

I hear from so many people about how they want to make more money, or lose weight, or get fit, or learn something – and yet they either don’t do anything about it or they start and give up about 1/1000 of a percent through the process. In our business we help people to create a great income for themselves and their family and the process is quite simple – not easy, but simple. You do some basic actions every day for a few years and you have a great income that keeps coming in whether you are working or not.

Success is Simple?

We love it when those we help accomplish this. They basically ask what to do, we teach them what to do, they do it, they have a successful business.

And yet the majority of people, just like in any endeavor, can’t seem to get there. They try it for a few days, weeks, months, and haven’t reached ‘success’ yet so they quit.

Make Money or Lose Weight or…

Take losing weight for instance. It’s a simple task – not easy, but simple. If you burn more calories than you eat/drink, then you lose weight. Simple as that. So, the formula is, find out how many calories your body burns at rest (resting metabolism), get some activities (like exercise) to burn more calories, and eat less calories than you’re burning. It’s as simple as our business.

But again, the majority of people will quit well before they reach their goal. Why? I think the major reason is that many people are impatient and want to lose that 100 pounds by next Thursday, so when 5 days go by and they’ve only lost 1 pound and they have 99 left to go, they think it’s not doable and they quit.

No Shortcuts to Weight Loss or Successful Businesses

They look for shortcuts and the “easy” way. Like the fad diets. Keep eating all you want and sit on the couch and lose weight fast. That’s what many people want.

Then there’s the people who understand the concept and get their calories in less than their calories burned. Simple! And they succeed. My wife, for instance, has lost 100 pounds with exercise and eating less calories. It’s taken a couple of years. Of course it’s going to take time!

In business it’s the same way. Most people want the shortcut. “How can I make a lot of money, really quick, and still watch all the TV I want to watch?” That’s what they want to know. They’ll keep trying things out for a week or a month at a time trying to find that quick fix. And they can do this for 20 years and still not find that “quick” money, whereas if they had found a legit business and stuck with it for those years, they’d be filthy rich, most likely.

So if you want success. If you want a profitable business. Forget trying to find the mother load, quick money, no work secret. Find a good business, learn it, do it, and stick with it.

The secret to success is, passion, not quitting, and consistency.