Summit Group Leaders enjoying the beach at one of many free trips earned each year.

The thing that makes the Summit Group good is steady, stable leadership—leaders who have been with Watkins for years, and who know how to build a long-term business—not “leaders” who have jumped from one great deal to another several times over the years. You get down-to-earth and realistic business building guidance, not a bunch of hype and cheerleading. — Eldon B.


I like the personal attention you get from your leaders. It’s great to know that I can speak to someone several levels up from me who actually knows my name. I feel like I know my sponsor and upline on a personal basis instead of just by name.– Jerry P.


I find the family atmosphere of this group to be the best aspect. We rally around other members with support, just like a family… everyone from a new person to veteran learns and grows. — Evelyn L.


I love the support that I get from the other members of the Summit Group. — Patricia G.



I feel like I’m a part of a great group. Before I got to know the Summit Group I felt very alone… like on a desert island. Now I have met a great group of people and I’ve learned so much. — Jamie D.


I like the Summit Group because it’s real people with real discussions, no sugar coating and empty hype. — Cheryl O’C.


What I like about the Summit Group is that my sponsor always goes all out to help us in any way possible. — Dora & Nolan R.


Why do I like the Summit Group? I have to say I like the easy access to information. I like the sense of community or family. There have been so many times I have seen others invest in something and then suddenly find they are on their own. The Summit Group doesn’t do this. It is so nice to know that if I need help there is someone available to give it, and more importantly willing to give it. — Diane H.


I like the Summit Group because of the personal contacts with upline provided by e-mail, message board, and conference calls. — Sam S.


What I like about the Summit Group is the fact that all the tools and help are available and freely offered but we are not pressured. I think it is just the right amount of help and motivation. — Randy M.

TSGInfo (The Summit Group Informational System)

remusWithout a doubt, I love the TSGInfo system. It makes contacting people so much easier. You can reach people in a way that before was simply not possible. It’s a very effective way to get people to look at our business and the automatic follow-up is great. — Lou R.


I find the prospecting website to be useful as it weeds out those that are not seriously interested in the business. It aids in answering the basics and then allows for the associate to answer further questions the prospect may have as well as taking the time to become a friend. — Diane H.


We have found the TSGInfo.com site to be so helpful in prospecting for our business! We advertise the website and our code and get many people who come to us that are interested in the business, or are at least in exploring the possibilities. The folks who visit TSGInfo and decide they are interested offer great information about their interests and experiences. And that makes me feel more comfortable when calling them, because they have given me info to help start a real conversation with them. This makes it easier to establish what they can get from the business, which is most important! — Jan R.


I like using the TSGInfo system. It is an easy approach to prospects to say come join us. It is non-threatening and creates curiosity. — Bob B.

Watkins Summit Group Support and Tools


The weekly conference call is the greatest – it makes the Summit Group a group of real people sharing a really good thing and enjoying the contact with each other. — Leffen P.


I feel comfortable contacting my sponsor for assistance, because I do not feel as though there is always some kind of competition with them. It is more like chatting with a friend or family member, and knowing they care about more than just the dollars that come in from my end. This has been greatly appreciated recently for me to know they care. — Diane H.


I love the friendliness. Everyone helps each other, doesn’t matter who is your upline or downline. Working together is great. Go Team! — Ruth C.


I really like the email newsletters and the amount of information on the website that can be accessed at any time. It has really helped me to understand the business better and given me confidence to expand this business. — Vickie P.


My upline Manager has been a dream. Even though we live in different states, every time I receive an e-mail or talk to her on the phone, her enthusiasm just radiates. I love her to death and am very grateful for all the help that she has given me. — Cindy G.


I have to admit I didn’t do much when I first joined Watkins. But I am now a Manager and intend to go much higher! The Watkins products really sell themselves once people start using them. The main thanks for being as high as I am goes to my upline Managers. They brought me into the business and have helped me so much. I am sure I will be able to quit my part-time job soon and have more time for Watkins. — Barbara M.


I love the Message Board, being available to get information or just input on a product I hadn’t tried before.
— Anne J.


I like the fact that the Summit Group has a Training Website where I can send new associates to receive training. — Mary N.


The best part of being a Summit Group member for me is the wonderful support we get, like the teleconferences and the tsgnet.com website. The calls and the message board are such a great help for questions, ideas, and how to run a Watkins business! I love and hold very dear the friendships we have made through the Summit Group! — Jan R.


The Conference Calls are very motivational to us. Some of the topics are really helpful and useful. — Paula L.


The things I really like about the Summit Group are the Thursday night conference calls, the message board, and that my upline is always available to help me when I ask for it.
— Lorraine B.

The Watkins Business Opportunity

I think the best Watkins product is the business opportunity. Where else can an individual with no experience or other business knowledge carve out a place in the business world and have the potential to make more than enough money to make their dreams come true. — Sam S.


What is so nice about the Watkins business is that the products sell themselves. You don’t have to convince anyone they are good. — Vickie P.



I am so thankful to have my Watkins business! I was certainly a misfit in the corporate world. I didn’t enjoy playing the games it took to be successful—I am capable, but it wasn’t me. I was constantly having to figure out how to keep my ethics intact, and those are decisions a person should not have to make on such a regular basis. It is very easy to be ethical and honest and really help others in Watkins! Also, my family was my highest priority; and while employers say they believe family comes first, very few really mean it. Long hours, working on weekends and giving up vacations are all really expected, and if you are not willing to do these things, you are not considered a team player. In Watkins you decide when to work and when not to. It really is your decision! It is so nice to be able to work from home, spend time with my family and be available if someone needs me. The best part is the feeling of satisfaction that I get from helping others to also be able to spend more time at home with their families and working towards what is important to them! — Jan R.


I like being a Watkins Associate mainly because I use and really like Watkins products. My family benefits from the daily use of Watkins healthy products in our home. I believe that this company offers the best networking opportunity and products in the industry. I recommend Watkins to all who are seeking a network marketing opportunity. — Mary N.


What I enjoy the most is that people just love Watkins products! I don’t really have to sell anything. Watkins sells itself. — Judy O.



• My husband, Eddie, had been in another work-from-home business that ended up costing us a lot more money than we made from it. So, I was skeptical when he started looking at Watkins. But associates in the Summit Group showed us how it was possible to start a flexible Watkins business with no out-of-pocket expense. After Eddie and I reviewed the information, they helped us get started, without asking for one single penny. And they’ve been there for us all along the way to encourage us and help us get started on the right track. — Casey K.


I like my Watkins business because it gives me the freedom with my three young children to set my own hours and arrange my schedule. I joined Watkins because it was silly for me to keep working full time and pay daycare for the children—when we figured it out, I was making about a dollar an hour (and that was with just 2 children). I found it hard to quit working full time, since I had worked since the age of 16 (sometimes 2 and 3 jobs at a time). So, I decided to do something from home and I went online to find something. Watkins came up and sounded like a good company, and I really had nothing to loose by trying it. I do the local fair and some small town shows and have a lot of fun with it. — Teresa P.


I like Watkins because, unlike many network marketing businesses, it is here for the long-term. Lots of people get burned every year by business opportunities that go out of business, and we have a positive alternative to offer them. — Eldon B.


There are so many reasons I like my Watkins business, but I’d say the principle reasons are the number of great people you meet in the business as associates and as customers. Oh, you meet all kinds as you’re trying to add associates and customers to your business, but the ones you do bring into the fold make up for all the rest. I like my business, too, because I’m in partnership with two quality organizations: the Summit Group and the Watkins Company. The first group makes the second a reality by presenting it to the world as a going and growing concern. The nearly 140 year-old Watkins Company is a manufacturer of the premium line of fine food, cleaning, and health products. It’s an honor to be connected with this long time recognized leader in the business. — Leffen P.


I love the fact that my husband and I can work on this business when it’s convenient for us, since we both work full-time jobs as well. We didn’t get rich overnight when we joined Watkins. But we did begin earning a fair income for our efforts right away, along with special bonuses for newer associates. This is a way that makes total sense for us—we have extra income now as we move toward our dreams for an even better future. — Casey K.


We joined Watkins because of a long association with the products, and we are delighted that the company is keeping up with the times with a high quality wellness oriented product line AND is available on the Internet. We both have found that this business truly is telling (not selling). We are having a great time marketing to our small community. Our sponsor has been a great help in getting us online and running with our website. Although we just joined 6 weeks ago, we have received a bronze award for our first month—and that is a lot more credit than I received at my full time job. — Joe & Linda C.


I originally joined Watkins to get the product. (Do you now how hard it is to make a good batch of cookies without Watkins Vanilla?) But when people found out that I had access to Watkins, the orders started coming in. I absolutely love this business, because it does give me access to the great product, but also, because it lets me have whatever lifestyle I want. — Nancy S.

Why I like Watkins…


Since we started using Watkins products, the quality of my family’s life has improved greatly. Our meals are better using Watkins spices, seasoning blends and recipes. Our home gets a better cleaning with Watkins products. And we even enjoy some added luxuries with Watkins body care products. The business opportunity is unmatched. I was even able to earn a free Caribbean cruise for two, just by doing what I was already doing. — Sam S.


In the beginning we were totally in Watkins for the financial benefit but as we got into the products our attitude began to change. We both started taking the health supplements and changing our complete pantry over to Watkins products. We found they were far better than any thing we had used before. But the biggest benefit has been the supplements we take on a daily basis: Linimax, Superfood, Male Formula, Female Formula, Fruit & Veggie Complex, and Ginseng. We like very much the fact that we’ve never heard a word of complaint from anyone against the Watkins line of products and that, from a person who has sold other products in the past, is a welcome change. — Dora & Nolan R.


We first joined Watkins because we wanted to be able to purchase the products. For the first three years we mainly ordered product and did a little with the business, but not much. Last fall we became serious about building a business and with the help of a great upline we feel that we are a long ways toward having a business that will provide a great part-time income. One of the greatest benefits of having a Watkins business is all the great caring people that you meet and get to know. — Lou & Stu R.


The main reason I find Watkins appealing is the length of time Watkins has been around—it makes for a stable investment. It is amazingly simple to find customers, as there are many people that have heard of Watkins and love the products. My family personally loves the products, because the products are healthy and environmentally safe. I see Watkins as my way to eventually be capable of supporting my family without my husband having to work outside the house. — Diane H.


I decided to join Watkins because my mother always used Watkins products while I was growing up. I have always used the vanilla. Once, when I ran out, I used a substitute brand and my husband noted a different taste in my baking. When I returned to Watkins Vanilla, everything was back to normal!! We just have outstanding products that I am proud to represent!! — Sarah L.


It’s nice being associated with a company about which I’ve never heard anything negative. I’ve talked to many people about Watkins and have only received positive responses. — Jim D.


We like our Watkins business because we love people. We like to see people happy and healthy. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends through our business. We’ve also enjoyed the money we’ve made through Watkins! — Mattie F.


I joined the Watkins Family because of past childhood memories of my Mother’s use of their products. I just wish I would have known all these years of the availability of Watkins! — Sandra T.


Over five years ago, Nancy and I chose Watkins for a part time business, mainly because of the long term success of the company and it’s name recognition. We’ve learned the products through personal usage and are becoming more confident that even though we are extremely busy people, we’ll be able to build our business. We’re particularly interested in the opportunity the health supplements offer. We also have our own website now and are looking forward to a successful Internet program. Watkins is a great business opportunity and great fun to work with. — Mike & Nancy J.



I like my Watkins business because I can buy and offer a quality product at a reasonable price, because it involves me in an active group that is making the business work, and because of the strong internet program and conference calls. — Bruce H.


I enjoy Watkins because of the excellent quality of products. I joined Watkins because of the quality, heritage, products, and so I could stay home with my kids and still make some money. My plans are to make enough money with my Watkins business to allow my husband to quit his horrible job. — Malysa L.


I grew up on Watkins products, so when I found out they were still in business, I was jumping up and down… now I could cook like my mother used too. I wasn’t too sure about the business, I signed up for the products and the discount. The business came along slowly from word of mouth. I’m in my 4th year and enjoying every year so much more. I have met so many Associates that are now my friends, from going to Watkins and Summit Group events. I’m disabled and not able to work the business full time, but I still make a fairly good monthly commission check. It just keeps getting better. — Lorraine B.


I joined Watkins three years ago to make extra money because I knew Watkins had a good name and I knew I would be able to sell the products. I enjoy the response I get from my customers when they try a product and find out how good it is. I use their input to tell another customer about the products. — Diana M.


I joined to make some money and to feel useful because my health has caused working a traditional job an impossibility. It has given me and my husband something we can do and benefit from together… I definitely appreciate and enjoy the friendships I have made. It’s like I have a new family with this business… I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. — Paula L.


The reason Watkins appealed to me is the fact I could build this business on my own terms. I know I don’t have to worry about being downsized, laid-off, or meeting anyone else’s expectations, but my own. — Evelyn L.


I like the Watkins business because we offer a great product for a reasonable price, coupled with a strong marketing strategy. — Bruce H.


One of the things I learned was having a home business was a great tax benefit. Having studied several home businesses, I chose Watkins. Watkins had the flexibility I wanted, along with great consumable products and a great pay plan. It simply won hands down against all the others we looked at. That was 8 years ago! Watkins is part of the reason I only need to go to a day job 2 days a week. I love it! — Linda H.




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