There are (and were) plenty of MLM companies out there with “unique” products. Exotic juices, rare herbs, strange devices, etc. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Not too long ago, there was just one place (an MLM company) you could buy pomegranate juice. Now I see it in all the grocery stores and even convenient stores. It was unique. Was.

Remember when you could get cheap long distance from MLM companies? That was unique too. Was. How would you like to be in a cheap long distance MLM company today?

How about water filters? They weren’t so popular in homes until an MLM company brought ‘affordable’ filters to the masses. That was somewhat unique. Was.

Meal replacement drinks really became popular from MLM. That was unique. Was. Can you say SlimFast?

Part 2 – Products


Just another commodity

If something is unique and works, it won’t be long before it won’t be unique and the MLM company that had that ‘unique’ product will be scrambling, trying to compete with a product that has become a commodity.



How about unique products that just don’t cut it? Take “Organic Worm Poop” for instance. A unique product, but not much of a market for it! Read an interesting story here about an MLMer who got his big break, but ended up with a Worm Poop MLM.




And how about those carburetor deals that were supposed to increase your gas mileage? I had no experience with them, but I read plenty about how they just didn’t work. There are countless other examples of technical gadgets and other products that just didn’t work.

You don’t want to work a 100% technology MLM company, because it’s inevitable that prices will go down as technology prices continue to go down.


So, what makes our Watkins products unique, but avoids all of these problems, you may be wondering.

At first glance, some people say these products are boring. These are just products people use all the time – nothing unique about them.

Wait… Did you say, “products people use all the time“??? Yep, that’s the first “unique” property of our products. These aren’t luxury, “I’ll wait till I have some extra money to buy it” products. These are high quality replacements for product you already use!


Watkins Organic Spices and Extracts

And nobody ends up with a garage full of our products because…

  1. People actually use and buy these products
  2. There’s no reason to buy an inventory of products in the first place

Also, guess how long people have been buying these products for RETAIL prices! Yep, One hundred and forty four  years and counting! That’s the second unique property of Watkins products.

Buying at retail prices? How can that be? If it’s MLM, the products have to be expensive, don’t they?


Watkins Personal Care line

Almost all of our products SAVE our customers money over competitive brands at retail prices! There are some that are more expensive luxury and high quality items too.

And associates who join the business save even more with their 25-39% off.


Third unique property – The quality of these “every day” products. Do a taste test with any of our food products. Do a performance test with any of our other products. You’ll find that from Spices, to Natural Cleaners, to Body Washes, to Supplements, Watkins puts the research and quality in that others don’t and you can tell the difference.


Watkins Natural Home Care line

I could go into individual unique products that go above and beyond even Watkins’ high standard, such as our natural and green cleaning product line which is really green, really natural, and really works… but that’s for another day.



Next up on what makes Watkins unique is the Compensation plan in Part 3 coming soon.