Watkins is a money making, network marketing business. But most people don’t know that, even if they know about Watkins. To most people, it’s a very established company with great products that they don’t want to run out of. They don’t know that fortunes can be made with this company. 

Watkins is unique and, dare I say it, perhaps the best MLM company to hitch your wagon to in order to create your own long-term business and income stream. And I say that knowing full well how “hypey” that sounds, and that others in other companies say the same thing.

But I think I have good arguments to back this up.

Part 1 – Longevity

The first thing most people notice different about Watkins is that it is now 140 years old. One of the oldest companies still operating in the US. What other Home Business can you start that partners with a company that can boast this kind of longevity?
Longevity can be a very good thing and also a not so good thing.

This is how Watkins businesses were built 100 years ago



Watkins business fortunes can now be built like this, from home

Watkins started out in the horse and buggy age. It thrived during World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and everything else between 1868 and today. If you’re interested in its history and want more details, visit our Watkins history page.



Watkins has evolved and today is far from its Horse and Buggy beginnings and is a business operated successfully and profitably by thousands over the Internet.


Pros of the Watkins longevity:

  • Steeped in tradition – My family has at least FIVE generations of Watkins product users, and three generations of Watkins business builders. People love traditions and will remember Watkins fondly.
  • Proof of how well loved the products are and how successful the business opportunity is.
  • The company and the products are well-known all over the country (US and Canada).
  • It’s a stable company with long-term philosophies. Build a Watkins business and you can count on income in your retirement years.
  • Can you say, “Experience”? Experience counts – both the company and the associates. We have been with Watkins for 17 years.

Cons of the Watkins longevity: (yes, there’s a few disadvantages too)

  • Some people think they already know what Watkins is – horse and buggy? Door to door? Little do they realize what a technologically advanced system it now has – products, methods of building a huge profitable business, communications, compensation plans, etc.
  • Some people also think they know the products we have – Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pepper. Not only do we have more than 300 other products, but some real 21st century advanced products like our complete Green Natural Home Care line based on plants with no toxic chemicals (as just one example).

Next up on the reasons Watkins is so unique is the products… I will post part 2 soon that will explain why this is a tremendous product line to build a business around. Please come back and see us or better yet, subscribe to our feed at the top right of this page under “eNews & Updates.”




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