This is the Summit Group program for BUSY people who DON’T WANT to sell anything, ever… or just DON’T LIKE to sell, or DON’T THINK they can sell.

Some people who visit this website make a huge mistake.

They assume the only way to earn money as a Watkins associate on our Summit Group team is to focus on selling. But, there is another way. Introducing our new “941 System.” It’s MORE powerful and MORE profitable, WITHOUT focusing on selling! The 941 System can put you on the fast track to a huge income and a happier life. Let me explain…

What if I told you that you were already doing things right now, today, in your day to day life, that if you did them in a certain way, and you did them based on a certain plan, that magically, once a month, a check for $941 would show up in your mailbox?

What would you think about that?

I’m here to tell you that right now, some people are doing these things and they’re getting $941 a month. Other people are doing these same things – but are not getting a check for $941 a month.OK, I hear you asking – what things are you talking about?

Everyone Does It – Few Get Paid For It – But You Can!

Let me tell you a story I heard recently that will help you understand. Let’s say I take a flight from St. Louis, Missouri to Dallas, Texas. I pay $250 for a ticket.

Fancy car
$941 per month could put you in this sports sedan, a 2008 BMW M5, MSRP $97,370.

You also take a flight from St. Louis to Dallas. You also pay $250 for your ticket.We both arrive in Dallas, but because you filled out a simple one-page form to join the airline’s frequent flier program, you received frequent flier miles and I didn’t.

We both did exactly the same thing. You got rewarded. I didn’t. You got frequent flier miles that added up and eventually you got a free trip to Hawaii.

Now, what if the airline said that if you told your friends to join their frequent flier program, you would get extra frequent flier miles every time your friends earned frequent flier miles?

Wow! You would tell everyone you knew.

Disney characters
$941 per month could pay for the whole family to go to Disney World or other exciting places every 3 months!

And get this, what if you got frequent flier miles every time you flew . . . and you got frequent flier miles every time your friends flew . . . and if your friends recommended the frequent flier program to their friends and you got frequent flier miles every time their friends flew . . . and so on, wow!This would be a frequent flier program on steroids!!!

Now, we aren’t in the airline business and this has nothing to do with frequent flyer programs. But our system puts CASH in your pocket—not frequent flyer miles, so it’s even better!

Let me explain. Every week, all of us buy stuff, don’t we? We buy things at the grocery store, we buy at the gas station, we buy at the discount store, we buy online… we all buy stuff. We gotta buy stuff, right?

Family jumping up and down happily in front of a house
$941 per month could put you in a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, $141,500 home. Not renting – buying!

Of course, we’re all buying stuff. Now what if you simply bought the same stuff, but you only bought $20 a week of that stuff from a different place than you’re already buying it? Then, through some magic that happens after that, a check shows up at the end of the month, made out to you, for $941. Simply by changing where you buy a few things, to the tune of about $20 a week.How can that be? That can’t be, can it?

Yes, it can. Let me explain…

An EXTRA $941 Per Month?

Before I tell you how that can be, let me ask you something. $941 a month. What would an extra $941 a month do for you? Car payment, retirement savings, mortgage payment—there’s lots of things that you could do with an extra $941 a month, right? I mean we’re talking over $10,000 EXTRA each year! You could take the family to Disney World two or three times each year if you wanted! Do you have kids heading to college soon? That extra $941 per month invested for a few years could cover it!

Ocean front, with people on beach and palm trees, viewed from above
$941 per month could have you spending your 2 weeks of vacation on your favorite tropical island – in style! Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji anyone?

Obviously an extra $941 a month is a significant amount of money to anybody.Now, if you only had $941 a month to live on, that’s a different story, but an EXTRA $941 a month for doing the same things we already do, buying the same stuff we already have to buy, is a pretty exciting thing, would you agree?

How Do I Get An Extra $941 Per Month?

Okay. Let’s show how you can get that. All you have to do is redirect $20 a week of your spending for stuff you are already buying to a company called Watkins. Then tell a few others how they can do the same thing. After all, most others would like to get an extra $941 a month, too, don’t you think?

Young woman wearing a graduation cap and gown
$941 per month could pay for your kid’s private school and/or college tuition!
Scissors cutting up a credit card
$941 per month could make a serious dent in your bills; even help you be debt free!

All you’d have to do is find and tell other people how they could simply redirect $20 a week and they could make $941 a month. How do you find people? Of course we’ll show you how, but think about it. Who doesn’t want an extra $941 per month? Who isn’t already buying stuff every week? The only difference is that some of us, by simply redirecting about $20 a week to Watkins and telling a few others, can get a $941 bonus check each month!Now some might say “I need a lot more than $941 a month and want more than $941 a month.” Hold on we’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s show you how this process can lead to an extra $941 per month for you.

In addition to redirecting your $20 a week to Watkins from the local grocery store or discount store, your goal will be to find just 9 other people to do the same thing. That’s it, just nine people in the entire United States and Canada. Just nine people who are interested in also making an extra $941 per month. Show them how to do it, and the magical bonus check can start arriving in your mailbox each month.

Pleasure boat speeding through the water
$941 per month could put you in this boat – a 2007 28-foot Four Winns Vista Cruiser, MSRP $85,723.

I can hear you saying – “I still don’t get how this leads to $941 per month.” Here’s how:Share this business concept with nine people. While all nine may want to do the same and get a $941 bonus check each month, let’s assume that each of them only finds four other people who want these same benefits. And let’s even be more conservative and assume that each of those four only find one other.

So what you end up with is yourself, then 9 then 36 then 36 for a total of 82 people in your magical bonus generating team.

Your team consists of yourself, the nine you showed this business to, the four they each found, and the one each those folks introduced this concept to. If these 82 people simply redirect $20 a week buying stuff from Watkins instead of wherever they currently buy it, YOU can put $941 in YOUR pocket every single month.

Montage of logos for charity organizations, the Humane Society, United Way, and Red Cross
$941 per month – Think what a difference you could make!

But I Need, No I WANT, More Than $941 Per Month!

Now some people say, “well, okay, $941 a month is nice, but I’d love to fire my boss and take my family on vacation, and buy a new car and home, and….”

I hear you and I’m with you. The great news is that you don’t have to stop at nine!

And your team members will want to build their own businesses to the $941 a month level and probably beyond. There are no limits to the number of people you can help get this extra monthly bonus check! And there’s no limit to how many they can help and so on!

We’re only limited by the number of people who are already buying…. Stuff!!

A large recreational vehicle
$941 per month could put you in this motor home – a 2007 34-foot Fleetwood Southwind, MSRP $114,240.

By helping your nine people build their own 9-4-1 team, guess what?

Your income skyrockets to $5,716 per month!

And that’s just helping them grow their teams. There’s nothing stopping you from finding another nine if you want! After all, there are a lot of people out there already buying stuff each month, they simply aren’t getting the bonus check!

How big can it get? Time will tell, but current top leaders average over $250,000 per year!

Money in bird's nest with a golden egg
$941 per month invested for 20 years at 10% interest = $714,566. Now that’s a nest egg!

Why Does This Work?

Remember, this is not based on anything more than redirecting $20 a week to Watkins. $20 a week, $3 bucks a day. It’s money you are already using to buy stuff somewhere else. Then you tell others how they can do the same thing and get an extra bonus check each month. That’s it. You simply share this concept and use the power of word-of-mouth marketing to grow your team

Here are some questions for you:

  1. Do you buy stuff each week?
  2. Do you know anyone else who buys stuff each week?
  3. Do you wish you could get a word-of-mouth bonus check when you buy stuff from your local store?Big arrow, pointing to the bullet list of questions
  4. Would you like to make an extra $941 per month, or a lot more?
  5. Do you know anyone else who would like to make an extra $941 per month?

If you can answer yes to those five questions, then I have just one more:

How soon would you like to get your first bonus check?




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